Kerri flawlessly carried us through the acquisition and year-later, subsequent listing and sale of our condominium, setting the bar way higher than any other condo in that complex. Yes, the product was good, but nevertheless it took marketing skills. She had to reach out to guide the Buyer’s broker through a number of glitches engendered by them through various problems, culminating in a stress-free sale. Without Kerri’s sensitivities, the deal would have fallen apart.

I have personally bought and sold twenty-eight properties in five different states, unrelated to my twenty-some years as a broker where I was, on two different occasions, the managing and broker of record for a firm here in Rancho Santa Fe, California and also had my own brokerage here. It is without question I would recommend a realtor with Kerri’s expertise, demeanor and character. She is a remarkable lady! A million thanks for your bulldog tenacity and wisdom regarding real estate and seemingly soft demeanor, when it has to be.